For too long, Gibraltarians have been unable to access top brands or enjoy the best deals because most online stores don’t deliver locally – and the ones that do often overcharge for shipping. We’ve partnered with dozens of your favourite brands to bring unlimited FREE shipping to Gibraltar on jewellery, electronics, video games and vinyl as well as unlimited £0.99 delivery per clothing item or book with a PRIME Unlimited membership. Plus, get access to millions of other kinds of products from Amazon shipped for just £2.99 per kg, the cheapest UK-Gibraltar shipping service available locally. Every single one of our deliveries is 100% carbon neutral, contributes to Gibraltar’s local economy, and includes standard insurance protection up to £50 – a great deal for you, a great deal for Gibraltar, and a great deal for the planet.


How long will my item take to arrive?

Delivery times vary by store. As a guide, use the estimated UK delivery time from the website you are buying from and add 1 – 1.5 weeks. For example, if you are buying from Amazon UK, they state that UK deliveries take 2 working days, so delivery to Gibraltar would take 2 days + 7-10 days = 2 weeks (approximately). Some shipments will take as little as 1 week, and others as long as 3 weeks. Please note that estimated arrival dates may also be affected by the Covid pandemic, or during peak shopping times like the January Sales, Black Friday weekend and the weeks leading up to Christmas. Express shipping options will be introduced in the future for those willing to pay a small extra fee.

What is the minimum order value?

At the following stores, the minimum order requirement is just £10:

  • Amazon UK
  • ASOS
  • Boohoo
  • WHSmith
  • GAME
  • hmv

For all other stores, you must meet whatever the minimum spending requirement is for UK customers to get free delivery. For example, New Look’s website states that all orders over £25 enjoy free standard UK delivery. This means that in order to get free shipping to Gibraltar from New Look, your order will need to be at least £25. You can check the minimum spending requirement for each store here

What about 'Keep it Local'?

Remember: buying through PRIME contributes far more to the local economy than buying online directly from foreign websites/brands, because we help employ local delivery drivers, we pay all applicable import duties on items you order through us (which contributes to Gibraltar’s taxpayer funded services like the GHA), and our loyalty program (Prime Points) will soon offer free gift cards for you to spend in local restaurants – which will enable you to financially support Gibraltar’s food businesses.

Having said that: the pandemic has undeniably caused many local businesses to suffer lost sales, so we encourage customers to buy as much as they can from local retailers. However, Gibraltar is a small place and oftentimes it is not possible to find the selection of brands/items you need here. PRIME Unlimited was created to provide you with more choices for those cases where you cannot find what you need in local shops. To help promote local buying, the vast majority of brands we partner with to offer free delivery are ones that do not operate local stores. This ensures that we aren’t unnecessarily competing with businesses that employ Gibraltarians, and it enables us to coexist and thrive alongside Main Street. 

Are there restrictions on what I can order?

We have a Fair Usage Policy which details what you can and can’t order. As a general rule: you can order any clothing item or fashion accessory, book, video game, blu-ray or small consumer electronics from any of our partner stores (see the list here). We cannot deliver large or fragile electronics like TVs, but small electronics like mobiles, USB sticks and headphones are fine. We can deliver fine jewellery, but note that these items will not be covered by our shipping insurance policy so they may not be eligible for compensation if they get damaged in transit. We cannot deliver any dangerous goods or items that are prohibited by Gibraltar law. Please note that you must meet the minimum order requirement for each store – you can find a list of minimum requirements per store here.

Are there size/weight limits?

Typically, we cannot deliver items that weigh more than 10kg or that are larger than 50cm on their longest side (including packaging). If you think the product you want might exceed these limits, contact us for advice.

Can I return my item?

Returns are not available for items valued at under £50. We offer unlimited deliveries for a very low cost, and we pay for shipping insurance to protect every order. Unfortunately, for this reason, we generally cannot afford to also incur the cost of returning items. For items priced at £50 or more, returns are usually possible if the item arrives damaged or an incorrect item has been delivered to you – we will manage the whole process for you once you bring the item to us, but you must cover the cost of return shipping. The following conditions must be met for you to be eligible for a return:
(1) You notify us within 3 days of receiving your item in Gibraltar;
(2) All original packaging and labels are intact;
(3) The item has not been worn/used.

Will I have to pay import duty on my item?

Currently, it is a legal requirement for all personal imports to pay an import duty rate of 10% (except for books and children’s clothes). We allow you to pre-pay your import duty online when you place your order, and then we will pay it on your behalf once your items arrive in Gibraltar.

Where do I collect my item?

All orders with a value of £100 or more will be delivered straight to your door, free of charge. All other orders can be collected from Prime Collection Points which we will be rolling out soon in different parts of Gibraltar to ensure that everyone has at least one collection point near where they work or live.

What are Prime Points?

Prime Points is the name of our loyalty program. Each day, we highlight a specific product or online store – if you place an order for that product/shop, you will gain Prime Points. These points can then be redeemed to earn free rewards like clothing items from top brands, gift cards for local restaurants, classic books, and more.

Do my Prime Points expire?

As long as you continue to be a monthly/yearly PRIME Unlimited subscriber, your Prime Points will never expire! We allow you to keep and save your points for as long as you like, in case you want to build up enough points to earn one of our higher rewards. However, please note that if you cancel your PRIME Unlimited membership then you will lose all accumulated Prime Points unless you re-activate your account within 60 days of cancellation (we provide this as a grace period in case of accidental cancellations). 

Should I shop on the UK or Spanish websites of brands?

In the majority of cases we have partnered with the UK branches of brands – so please visit the UK version of their website. However, the following exceptions apply so please visit the version indicated:

  • H&M (Spain)
  • The Disney Store (Spain)
  • Miss Selfridge (EU)
  • Adidas (Spain)
  • Lacoste (Spain)
  • Urban Outfitters (EU)
  • Ralph Lauren (Spain)

To ensure you always use the right website, please visit our stores page here and click the link of the website you want to buy from – this will redirect you to the correct version. 

What is ‘radical environmentalism’?

Prime is proud to put the environment first in every aspect of business. We call this policy radical environmentalism. We have our carbon footprint professionally measured, we consolidate multiple orders into single parcels to reduce the packaging and emissions involved with shipping, we’re 100% plastic free, almost entirely paperless, our website’s servers are powered by renewable solar energy, and we’re just getting started. Read about our many green commitments on our Radical Environmentalism page.